Brand B.I

Brand Story

The brightest star in the night sky,

POLARIS has been a guide to countless people for a long time.

With some ingredients and direct manufacture,

many people will be able to see. 

I'll be your guide for camping.

The brightest star, like POLARIS

We will always stay right where where I am I can be with the customers.

Brand B.I

POLARIS is the brightest star that has been a guide for innumerable people for long.

Representing the brightest star in the night sky,

it is a differentiated camping brand that reminds you of camping vibe and unforgettable memories.

POLARIS's B.I is the concept of the brightest star in the night sky.

The brand symbol features P-shaped, which is the first letter of POLARIS, "P" and the shape of the polar bear.

By visualizing simple and modern design, We implicitly expressed our own unique and trustworthy symbol, POLARIS.

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